We'll Support You Evermore

KeyStore’s new marketing campaign is themed ‘We’ll Support You Ever More!’  As a Scottish family company we are proud of our Scottish roots.

Our new community campaign has been created to tie in with communities around our 160 shops across Scotland.

We are currently working in partnership with Education Scotland to offer schools the chance to have specific projects funded or to be given in kind support through vouchers for goods from their local KeyStore. 

Our campaign is all about making a difference in your local community. We want to work with you to physically make a difference, so if you have an idea the let us know. It could be to do with a local scout or guides group, or something to do an activity at your local community hall. It could be for young people or for senior citizens, it could be food related or funding to allow you to put on an event. We want to hear your ideas.

Your local Keystore is at the heart of your community. We’ll Support You Evermore is about us putting something back in to the community and supporting you, our customers!

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Our most recent tie up was a donation to a local dance club – Nicholas Hannah, Director at Filshill presented the local Karen Moir School of Dance & Drama with a £300 cheque, a great local community club.

Photo by Jamie McFadyen